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In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, Regulatory Affairs Specialists are tasked with ensuring compliance through meticulous document review processes. However, the current method of manually proofreading critical documents is time-consuming, prone to human error, and inefficient. There is a pressing need for an automated solution that not only matches but exceeds the accuracy of manual proofreading. The solution must expedite the review process while flawlessly identifying and categorizing content and formatting discrepancies between two versions of a document. This will enable Regulatory Affairs Specialists to guarantee compliance with the stringent regulatory standards efficiently.

Primary Job to be done

Enable Regulatory Affairs Specialists to identify differences in text between 2 documents.

Identify differences in the following categories:

  • Content changes to the text
  • Formatting changes to the text




A browser-based web app designed for Regulatory Affairs Specialists and their partners to efficiently proofread pharmaceutical documents, ensuring compliance and accuracy. This solution leverages advanced algorithms to automate the detection of both content and formatting differences between document versions.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Access: Protects sensitive information behind a password-protected login
  2. Upload and display documents: Allow users to upload and display documents
  3. Document Comparison Engine: Detects text and formatting changes accurately.
  4. Automated Reports: Summarizes differences between documents.
  5. Real-Time Collaboration: Enables simultaneous review and comments by multiple users.
  6. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Accessible on various devices and operating systems.

This streamlined approach focuses on accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, providing an indispensable tool for managing critical documentation in the pharmaceutical industry.


The app is built on the principle that work software should be as user-friendly as your favorite personal apps. Common patterns like document viewers, comments, and sharing should not cause a lot of friction with users. 

The app's standout feature is its ability to highlight differences between two documents, a unique and valuable tool. This key functionality, which provides users with a clear, consolidated list of changes, is what makes the experience truly impactful.

Accepting and rejecting each difference is the key task for the regulatory affairs specialist and how they will manage the differences between documents. This is of course an assumption in how a regulatory affairs specialist would work with documents. Further user testing and interviews would be needed to validate that this experience meets the user’s needs. 

The value of the product can be calculated by the speed and accuracy of the review process. 

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